The power of being social

In a world that seems to have been taken over by social media sites, tools, champions and experts I am determined cover more broad a scope of topics.  Being social means more than filling up your Buffer or TweetDeck once a day with quotes and cute pictures but that is what Klout might have you believe.  Leveraging the true power of being social is as epic as sharing the concept that solves the energy crisis and usually start with words as simple as “you know what would be cool?”

It’s amazing the number of tools that we have invented to allow us to be social.  We could even say they started with cave drawings and written language all the way the internet and real time video conferencing (which is really cool by the way).  But what still needs to be addressed are the people who are still choosing not to be social, those untapped resources.  Let’s create that community that invites everyone to share their idea no matter how crazy.  Don’t get me wrong intend for social media is going to be a huge part of the discussions here but let’s be sure to recognize all the other forms of socializing that came before and still exists today.

With that said; Welcome to Sir Social maybe a year from now I will have earned the name.


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