Hidden Gems


Your team has an issue that requires a tool. Your manager puts you in change of finding a solution.  You create a new tool or better yet you find a tool that time forgot and start using that.  What now?

For too many solutions that is the end of the story.   We hope that this solution gets shared with the team but sometimes it just gets posted to a Wiki or a tools repository, waiting patiently to be found.  What other ways can this can be shared? How do we socialize this idea?

  • Team Meetings: Whether you like them or not at some point there will be a team meeting.  Ask your manager if you can have a few minutes to explain what you have created or found.  Not only does it inform the team but it makes you look good to your boss that you want the team to grow.
  • Cross teams:  Tell people in other groups about what you have done.  Most tools can be re-purposed.  If you created a log collection tool for your product, the basics will probably work for another product.   If nothing else the next guy won’t have to get new images and symbols approved by corporate.
  • Companywide: Many big companies now have intranets or online tack boards.  Find the appropriate space for your idea and start a discussion.  Not only about how cool your find is but what else could be done to improve it and make it a company standard.

I manage an intranet page at my company called ACES (Advancing Customer Experience and Satisfaction).  The entire point of this page is exactly what I have mentioned.  Sharing tips, tricks, tools, and procedures that improve the customer experience.  That is not meant to be one sided either.  If you know of a tool that makes employee life easier, customers like to deal with happier employees.  I love a good win win.


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