New Perspectives

When it comes right down to it life and the reality you choose to accept is really all in how you perceive it.  That is a topic for a much longer post, however I have a great example today.

Among other hobbies, I enjoy photo and video editing.  I hadn’t realized how knowing just a little bit about these skills could change my perspective on works that I see.  First I was a little disappointed that a photographer created a Photoshopped image where I could easily tell what he had done.  Previously I hadn’t been able to detect the illusion.  It was as if someone had told be how the magician did his trick.


(Can you find the line between the 3 images used? Do you know what Photoshop options were used to create it?)

Next I finally saw the episode of Dr Who called BLINK.  This is the first time the weeping angels appear in the series.  I had always wondered how the equivalent of the ghosts in Mario could be such an interesting creature.

But with the tiny bit of knowledge I have in video editing I knew how I could create a very similar scene.  An episode that could have been just another show to watch and forget suddenly became riveting.  Ideas on how I could create a video that could easily keep people’s attention as well as this episode was (given the actors, time, money, and equipment of course) were flying through my head.

The point is that the change may be positive or negative but perspective can change everything.  So the next time you think life is too boring or not worth the time, look for some new information that could change your perspective.


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