Has Social Media Caused Some Heartache?

I know this has caused me my own woes.

Ties That Bind - Views on a Social Life

I love social media, and I’m blessed to have a job that keeps me immersed in it throughout the workday (and, if I’m to be honest, sometimes in the evenings and on weekends too).  It’s hard to disconnect!

I have found, though, that social media has been the cause of arguments, confrontations, issues and all around family dysfunction and I have a feeling that I’m not alone.

During the past year:

  • I wrote a blog and referenced my niece, not by name mind you, and did that cause a stir. None of you would know who she was,  but SHE knew it was her and didn’t like it a bit.  My bad, apologized for that one.
  • My son posted some information about one of his children, my grandchild, that I didn’t already know.  I HATE to find out about lost teeth, or new schools, or new habits via FB.
  • My…

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