Semi-Social Media (social administrator)

A new initiative has me tracking my hours on different subject areas which I don’t mind.  I consider myself lucky enough that “Social Media” is one of those topic areas.  And as I was about to log a solid 2 hrs to this wonderful subject I stopped.  

One of my most recent projects has been to update our internal intranet site with new documentation.  That’s taking down old info and reading it to make sure it still makes sense (assuming it ever did :-P) and creating document for new processes.  Yes quite a glamorous assignment I know.  But it is at it’s heart social media content creation and refresh right?  Right?

Our company intranet has a similar look and feel to our external forums on the EMC Community Network (shameless plug) and shares to our employees worldwide.  So that must make it social media right?  But wait, all I’m really doing is updating documents to a central location for people to browse and find useful (Yes, it is useful don’t question me) information. But I could do that on an FTP server or shared drive so then is it just administrative updating? (ick, ick, and triple ick) Could you have a discussion on those documents though? could you like and rate and propose changes to those documents?  Not so much eh?  

So I have come to the most logical conclusion that it is both.  The actual update of the documents is administrative and the posting and sharing of said documents is social media.  Since the document is being shared at almost the same time that I update it though the time must therefore be counted twice.  So my manager will be very impressed when he sees that I can log 12+ hrs a day.  That’s me always putting in the extra effort!


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