What I’ve Learned Planning the Launch of a New Social Platform

I’m having issues trying to improve a single space. This saint of a woman is trying to change an entire platform. Yeah. Not quite ready for that job

Ties That Bind - Views on a Social Life

Let’s get right down to it.

What I learned about myself:

  • I love planning, putting together all the pieces, working with folks I may have never met
  • I love checking actions items off.  I admit that sometimes I will write down an unexpected activity JUST to check it off
  • I struggle to portray patience (BEING patient is a whole other thing) when others don’t deliver as committed
  • I do have a breaking point.  You can tell because you’ll see me crying and vomiting (only twice in ten months, though)
  • I can say things as I see them.  Unfortunately, that can sometimes feel brutal.

What I learned about our users:

  • They don’t use the collaboration platform home page. Interesting factoid that explained their lack of awareness about the change.
  • Since they skip the homepage, they  missed the twenty or so pieces of content explaining what is happening, why, and what it…

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