About Me

This page will get built over time but here is the quick and dirty on who is sharing with you:

My name is Paul Young.

What I’m paid to do at EMC Corporation is dive through all the customer satisfaction data about our support practices and create programs that improve our ability understand our customers needs and provide better service.  What I do in my free time is create relationships with everyone I meet in this very large company in order to know the who, what, and where that I need to do my job. (I need to make a post about that)

My free time is split between my many hobbies including, hiking, personal fitness, video and photography.  For all of these interests, including work, I utilize social groups to share ideas and grow in these area.  (ooo that needs a post for every topic)


One comment on “About Me

  1. mlavoie8 says:

    It’s great to get those reminders. A visiting male VP was steadily making his way to the Ladies’ Room last week. I was aghast, and stood frozen while he opened the door and stepped in. There must be something very special about the Men’s Room because he noticed his error in milliseconds and did a quick U-turn. We had a good laugh, and he finally made it to the men’s room. We’re all people.

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